Asylum means sanctuary. When applying for asylum it means that you are in need of protection in another country than your own.  If you want protection in Sweden you should submit your asylum application with the border police when entering Sweden, or with one of The Migration Agency´s offices. It is NOT possible to apply for asylum before reaching Sweden.

Being an asylum applicant, you are in most cases entitled to a lawyer or a public counsel free of charge. You are free to choose who shall represent you when applying for asylum in Sweden. If you have not chosen a legal representative, then Migration Agency will appoint one for you. As it is difficult to change a public counsel once he/she has been appointed by the Migration agency, it is therefore advisable to find your own legal representative if you wish to have support and assistance throughout the whole asylum process. All the lawyers working at Stockholms Asylbyrå may take on the role as public counsel. You are welcome to request our legal services when applying for asylum.

The Migration Agency will pay for the cost of the legal counsel once the decision has been taken regarding the choice of the person representing you. All legal cost in connection with legal advice BEFORE the decision will be borne by you. You are more than welcome to make contact with us to have an appointment for legal consultation concerning the asylum application. We adhere to the tariffs set by the court for all private legal counsel, in certain cases you may be eligible for legal aid assistance. Please get in touch with us for quotations relating to making appointments and any enquires pertaining to the actual application.    

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