If you do not have the legal right to stay in Sweden and you have been sentenced to be deported, under certain circumstances you face the you risk to be taken into custody. If the Migration Agency considers it necessary to further investigate your right to remain in the country or if they consider your identity not confirmed, you will be taken into custody. To be in custody entails your freedom will be confined to being locked up in a ward.

If you have been in custody for three days, you are then entitled to a lawyer or a public counsel free of charge. You are free to choose who shall represent you. All our lawyers will assist as public counsels in custody matters and you are welcome to inform the Migration Agency that you wish to request us as your representative. Once we have been appointed as your public counsel we will pay you a visit at the detention center and start the process together. If you are in need of a translator one will be booked for the meeting. Our role will be to appeal the custody decision and work for your release. In many cases we work in parallel with your asylum application.  Please get in touch with us for further information.

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